What is smile design. How to get a perfect smile

What is Smile design?

A beautiful smile is an important part of the impression we leave to people! Using the artistic skills and technological progress, we will give you more beautiful and youthful smile with confidence to spare.

Smile design is a concept in esthetic dentistry, which provides an individualized approach of creating beautiful and healthy smile in collaboration with the patient and dental technician. It includes: bleaching, composite or ceramic veneers, fillings, implants…

After the dentist makes the examination and gets information about the patient’s condition (dental status, health status, radiological documentation), he starts making a special concept of treatment that best suits the patient’s needs and desires. Using quick and easy creation and possibility for correction of the provisional phase, it allows the patient to express individual wishes and getting used to the new smile even before it’s finalized. In this way, the dentist can do a better assessment of what to do for the patient in order to find the perfect solution for the patient’s unique situation.

In such procedure, dental technician then gets an overall better picture of what is being asked of him to do.